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At Motorola Solutions, we have created the mission-critical ecosystem you need to build a safer school environment. Combining voice, video, software and services, our ecosystem helps you not only respond and manage both the everyday and the critical emergencies, but to recognize patterns, anticipate actions and help prevent situations as they develop. The breadth of solutions bridges the key areas of risk which often thrive in the unknown and the unseen. They provide schools with the capabilities to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to potential incidents. Through the power of the ecosystem, schools are better equipped to prevent security threats from becoming tragedies. By enabling modern incident management, they ensure that students are safer and personnel can focus on the job at hand. For more information, please visit:

SAFE SCHOOLS ECOSYSTEM – Perry Township Schools

Schools should be a place where students can grow and learn. Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem – combining voice, software, video and services – helps schools manage both everyday and critical emergencies.





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